P.E.A.K. Curriculum™

“PEAK” – The highest level or greatest degree; A high point in a course of development; To reach the highest point, value, or level.

At Petits Enfants we believe that when a child excels, he or she will prosper when given a strong foundation to build upon. A strong foundation begins with a robust and effective curriculum, implemented by teachers, administrators, and parents . We have developed our own proprietary curriculum, “P.E.A.K. Curriculum”. P.E.A.K. is an acronym for Petits Enfants Aspire for Knowledge!

No matter how you define the word “PEAK”, you are always looking at the highest level of something. That high level is what we strive to achieve for all the children in terms of education and social development. With our proprietary P.E.A.K. Curriculum, we integrate traditional teaching methods with current technology and create an interactive environment in which children are excited to participate and learn. The children are ready to take the next step intellectually and socially. While using a curriculum based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards we are building a strong foundation for learning and advancement. Our students are educated using cross curricular activities in mathematics, phonics, writing and language arts.