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(Pre-K to 4 Year Olds)

This is the stage when learning and cognitive abilities are starting to peak in a child. As your little one metamorphoses from a toddler to a young scholar, our Superstars program paves the way for him/her to transition effortlessly into Kindergarten.  Our curriculum is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and our program features an interdisciplinary approach weaving together Mathematics, phonics, writing and the language arts. The program measures its success in quantifiable achievements and as a parent, you will be delighted to see your child cross the following milestones with ease.

  • Ability to hold a theme based conversation
  • Writing the alphabet, Numbers 1 through 35 and Sentence Building
  • Mastering the Language Arts: Reading the alphabet, phonics A to Z, Beginning and Ending Sounds, Beginning Sight Words.
  • Learning Math numbers 1 through 35, Number Concepts, Greater than/Lesser than, Simple Addition/Subtraction
  • Reciting Nursery Rhymes
  • Ability to follow 3 to 4 related directions
  • Independence in play and work, while also retaining the ability to interact