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Music is important to development

Babies love music and they tend to respond with smiles and clapping and even a little dance step or two!  However, research has shown that music is of great importance to the development of babies and children.

Research has even shown that music in the womb has an impact on the development of the unborn baby.  More specifically, when classical music is regularly listened to while pregnant, there is a marked increase in cognitive development of the baby.

Once a baby is born, music can have a great impact on many aspects of their development.  Music can affect the cognitive, emotional and physical development of a child.  The specific areas that are improved include:

  • increased creativity
  • increased cognitive ability
  • an increase in the “emotional” intelligence of a child
  • increase spatial reasoning.
  • memory improvement
  • math and language improvement

Music is an important part of our program at Petit Enfants.  We would like to invite you to experience how we integrate music into our program.  Please call us and book an appointment to come and experience the music at Petit Enfants!

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