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Parents Prefer Touch Screen Technology

News Flash! The touch screen, or ipad is parents’ new best friend. Babies who can not walk or even talk yet, are able to operate a touch screen of some sort. It is just amazing.

iPad, and touch screen technology, has reinforced this trend across all the age groups. The most popular group of children that use this technology are young children and toddlers. iPads rate very high when it comes to the childproof department, in comparison to a laptop.  Developers have created a huge market of toddler friendly and educational apps, including foreign languages. Thru matching and game play, our toddlers are learning so fast. There is no keyboard to spill liquids and sticky food onto. Also, there are no mechanical parts to snap off, for little ones to swallow.  The touch screen is so easy for clumsy and awkward little fingers to navigate. Many parents are more inclined to let their small children explore and use ipads without hesitation and concerns. The ipad is handy and small, so it is a perfect fit in any diaper bag for parents.

iPads have also replaced messy art projects, like paint and crayons, with no-fuss art apps. We now have the child-specific tablet. This tablet comes loaded with a very special kid content management system designed to protect kids from inappropriate content and unfamiliar people.

The ever-expanding digital platform is quite a booming industry. Technology with instructive classroom technology is happening in a big way. When used effectively, technology in the classroom can engage our students in ways that traditional teaching methods may fall short.

The digital transition in the classroom has been under construction for quite some time. Educators are welcoming the transition or shift. Technology is also aggressively embraced in all our pre-school and early primary grades. We owe many thanks in large part to tablet advancements and technology, along with its kid-friendly interface.


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