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Everyday ways to teach your kids kindness

Every day is a new day for most younger students. Here at Petits Enfants we pride ourselves on giving our students a well-rounded education. We teach everything from mathematics to social interactions. We focus on acts of kindness each and every day. Now we would like to give our families and friends some helpful tips about teaching kindness outside of school.

Many younger children learn through forms of imitation. You might not think they are watching you, but their little ears are always listening. Remember when interacting outside of school it is important to model the way you would like your child to treat others. When giving or receiving things model or act out gratitude, by showing excitement and saying “please” and “thank you”.

Through modeled behavior and speaking, children will learn to interact with the world. When out in public and you have the opportunity to help others be sure to include your children and emphasize how fun it is to help. Being kind doesn’t cost anything, but the rewards can be priceless.

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